Top 6 Best Tips and Guide for Trekking in Nepal

Friday, October 18, 2019

Trekking is the best experience you could ever ask for. The natural and cultural significance to the adventures, this country has a lot to offer. Nepal's glistening mountains, exotic wildlife and ethnic richness will astound you. Adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, hiking, peak climbing, rafting and others is bound to give you the adrenaline rush. Also, cultural tours and jungle safaris indulge you in the local authenticity.

If you’re planning your next vacation in Nepal, you’re in for an amazing experience. Before your travel, it is a given that you’ll formulate and prepare plans beforehand. And if you’re looking for tips on vacationing and trekking in Nepal, then keep reading! Go through our top 6 best tips and guides for trekking in Nepal. They are certain to help you avoid any uninvited inconveniences and disturbances

#1 Have Contingency Days Incorporated in Your Trekking Itinerary 

The first tip you need to considerate is to incorporate contingency days in your itinerary. Many trekking destinations in Nepal have uneven land structure. Also, the weather is unpredictable at times which may cause flight delays and cancelations causing schedule imbalance. Contingency days are essential to ensure your travel schedule is maintained. They are required during inconvenient situations which might occur during trek like iffy weather, illness, accidents and injuries. Preparing for contingency days beforehand depending on the type of trek, duration and destination helps in avoiding inessential difficulties. Sometimes unnecessary situations messes up your tight schedule so to avoid such hassles it is extremely important to prepare contingency days. This helps your schedule to flow as planned without any flight delays or cancellations. 

#2 Hire Local Guides and Porters

One of the best tips you need to carry out if you plan to trek in Nepal is to hire a local guide and porter. To experience the localness and authenticity of Nepal, no better way than with the local guide. They know the best knick and knacks of the place. Everything from the best locations to best food, local guides has the best knowledge. Hiring a local porter helps in boosting Nepal’s economy. In several regions, local porters earn their living by carrying trekker’s luggage. Porters consider this as their main source of livelihood. You’ll be contributing to his life. Similarly, local guides and porters can help get close acquaintance with the local culture and religion. If you want to get insight of the local ethnic life then no better way to experience it with the locals who make it even more fun.

#3 Always Carry Local Currency While Trekking 

It is essential to know there are no money exchange centers in the mountains. They can only be found in Kathmandu. So, to buy local items from the shops in the Himalayas, we recommend you to carry local currency. Also, local currency comes in handy to pay for services in the guest houses. You should not forget to carry local currency as it helps in avoiding unnecessary problems. You can exchange your currency to Nepali Rupees in the airport or in money exchange centers in Kathmandu. 

#4 Acclimatize Properly / Beware of Altitude Sickness 

Altitude sickness is a condition which occurs when your body isn’t able to cope with the high altitude. The symptoms of altitude sickness are nausea, constant headaches, vomiting, and dizziness. In some cases the condition might get quite severe. So, you need to make preparations beforehand. You should make sure to include acclimatization days in your itinerary. Make sure to implement your trek without any rush. While attempting high altitude treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang Trek, it is important. The main tip is to let your body adapt to the high altitude to carry out a smooth trek. Also, you can buy altitude sickness mediations like Diamox. They are found in many pharmacies in Kathmandu. Or you can bring prescribed medications from your own country, but it is optional. 

#5 Stay Hydrated 

The best tip you need to incorporate is to keep your body hydrated at all time. Drinking water plays a huge role in maintenance of your health during trekking. In low temperatures, your body can get dehydrated pretty fast. So, you should make sure to continue your trek drinking lots of water. Not only does staying hydrated help you with maintaining your health, but also with altitude sickness. Staying hydrated will help your body adapt to the altitude. It isn’t an obligation to buy mineral waters in the mountains. You can carry water purifying tablets which come in handy because tap waters in Nepal aren’t the best option for direct consumption.

#6 Best to Hire a Local Travel Agency 

It is the best option to hire a local travel agency for your trekking venture. If you’re visiting the country for the first time, hiring a local agency will help you enjoy the trek without any inconveniences. The agency will take care of all your arrangements beforehand. From flight tickets, trekking permits, transportation, and good accommodation to traveling/sightseeing. The agency will make pre arrangements for your trek. You don’t have to encounter any hassles and troubles. More so, you’ll feel safe and secure from any frauds. Local agencies help you to avoid running into difficulties. You'll have a lot of free time to enjoy the beauty of Nepal.

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